Call start
How to start a call in Remote Expert module?
With this instruction, you will learn how to initiate a call in Remote Expert module of ITORUM MR platform. You can initiate a call both from mobile device or from web-platform.

To start the call from web-platform open the portal. Sign in with the login and password, that you have received during registration.

In the menu choose the Remote expert tab and press it.

You will see the additional menu:

  • Active calls - page with all active calls,
  • Call records - a list with history of calls and their records,
  • Contacts - a contacts list of users, who are available for a call.

Choose Contacts tab and press it.

On the contacts page you will see a list of users available for a call. Users can have two statuses: Online and Offline. You can call online users and send call invitations for offline users. More about invitations at "How to invite offline users"

To start a call select Online user and press green Call button.

How to invite members to a call